Trinfinity8's Quartz Crystal Transmitter/Receiver Rods

Quartz crystal is a natural piezoelectric oscillator.

Trinfinity8 uses two double-terminated quartz crystal transmitter rods, for transmission clarity, to deliver millions of rejuvenation codes to your system.

DNA is a salt and the fluid molecules of the body (especially spinal and lymphatic fluids) are crystalline in nature. This is why minerals are so essential for cell health. The crystalline nature of cells receives the binary instructions through Trinfinity8's crystal rods.

T8 does not deliver electrical currents or an electromagnetic charge. It is not even a frequency the way people typically think of frequencies.    It delivers information in a mathematical form.  In addition, sound is a healing modality that can act to restructure the blueprint for cell and organ resonance closer to their original frequency. This restructuring creates an orchestration of attunement throughout all cells, organs, and systems of the body.

Trinfinity8's crystal rods are specially lab grown for clarity. They are similar to thecrystal components you would find in your laptop, cell phone, or any electronic device.  They are for delivering information.  They are double-terminated,meaning that they are pointed at both ends.

This technology can interact with and magnify your intention. You can amplify whatever you are running with the power of your mind. We encourage people to use their own guidance in placing the crystals on different areas of the body. For some of the programs, you may want to use the crystal rods as pointers to direct the information onto a particular spot -- for example, along wrinkles, or directly on a scar to repair the skin. Your intention alone can direct the information where it is needed most.

If the points of the crystal rods get nicked or cracked, they will still work properly. They need to break in half to not work properly. You can always order another. User breakage is not covered by warranty.



Care of the crystals:

Do not immerse your crystal rods in water.

At the end of a session, you may gently wipe them with a clean damp cloth.


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