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Trinfinity8 In Your Practice

There is grea potential for creating or maximizing your practice with the Trinfinity8 Rejuvenation & Restoration System. There are no age barriers to applications with this system. You can easily design therapy packages and programs that fulfill the needs of your clients.    Trinfinity8 does not require that a practitioner be there to operate the System throughout the session, thereby freeing the practitioner to simultaneouslyattend to others.  Just set up the protocol, push the run button, and leave your client to relax and enjoy.

Practitioners using Trinfnity8:  Acupuncturists, medical doctors, surgeons, naturopaths, homeopaths, chiropractors, Reiki practitioners, massage therapists, aestheticians, psychotherapists, energy practitioners, dentists, veterinarians, sports coaches, and even psychiatrists.


General Health and Wellness from the screens:

Spiritual Attunements from the screens:

Custom Beauty Programs from the screens:


Skin and Hair Rejuvenation

Face and Beauty

Weight Management Programs from the screens:


Weight Management

Body Sculpting


Sports Support with selections from the Energy, Stress Reduction, and Health & Nutrition screens - perhaps even Body Sculpting screen.

Creating 15 minute to 1 hour sessions for your clients is simply a matter of selecting the appropriate programs and the number of minutes per selection.   You may also select from our listing of pre-set Advanced Protocols.

There will always be a percentage of clients who desire to own their own Trinfinity8 Rejuvenation & Restoration System. Feel free to contact us at 1-888-546-9597 with any questions about Trinfinity8.



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