Psychics Comment on Trinfinity8


October 2008

A nationally known psychic in the Philadelphia area sensed that, beyond the specific programs in the Trinfinity8 system, it also worked as an ascension device for helping the spiritual evolution of the individual and the planet.

February 2009

An internationally acclaimed psychic tested out the Trinfinity8. Advisor to many prominent individuals in Hollywood, she reviewed each program on every therapy screen, going back to some more than once. Her report stated that each program performed exactly what it said it would do

The "Release Emotional Blockage" program was especially interesting to her. She felt as though the codes in the program acted like "heat-seeking missiles," targeting out pockets of anger, fear, etc., and blasting them apart, freeing the emotional body from dead weight from past events. She also indicated that Trinfinity8 works as an ascension device, furthering the spiritual evolution of the user, which is much needed at this time. (This was not the first time a psychic source sensed the ascension potential of the T8 system.)

March 2009

When internationally renowned medical intuitive and spiritual teacher, Carolyn Myss, first heard about the Trinfinity8, she immediately sensed its value.   She contacted close associate, past President of the American Holistic Health Association, Dr. C. Norman Shealy, with whom she has worked for decades in spreading the word about the holistic nature of our body/mind/spirit matrix. They immediatley decided to test out one of the Protocols at Dr. Shealy's Holos University -- choosing the weight loss protocol titled, "Weight No More." Results of this study can be found on the RESEARCH DATA page on the main Trinfinity8 website.  After reading it, please click on your Back button to return to this page.


June 2012

World reknowned medium, psychic, and author, James Van Praagh, had a chance to use the Trinfinity8 within a sacred group at the Winter Solstice Ceremonies in Machu Picchu, Peru.  He reportd that so man healers came forth from the other side when using it that he was astounded. 

"Kathy's near death experience presents new possibilities for man's emotional, physical and spiritual growth.  What she has contributed is amazing." - James Van Praagh, Heaven & Earth:  Making the Psychic Connection



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