The Spiritual and Metaphysical Aspects of Trinfinity8

The Metaphysics of Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation

Consistently appearing in reports of encounters with the deceased is the comment that the departed looked as they did in their prime, regardless of their age or physical condition when they passed.

The “prime of life” represents the fulfillment on earth of our 4th dimensional electromagnetic biofield or soul or aura. It is this dimension of us – the soul blueprint – that persists infinitely beyond the three-dimensional life of the body.

We can more easily understand this from a Kirlian photograph of an acorn. The aura or field of information around the acorn is the outline of an oak tree! It is this 4th-dimensional energy blueprint which the developing cells of the seed follow until the tree evolves into the full-grown oak it was patterned to become in its prime, in its perfected form.

It is thought that our prime once extended to eight- or nine-hundred years, but somewhere along the way we lost the life, the youth, the light and aligned our consciousness more with the heaviness of gravity, aging, deterioration, which we now call “natural” and ”normal.”

Trinfinity8 is here to reawaken the spark of life and youth, for the individual and for the planet, to remind us of who we were intended to be and become. It works with and amplifies our intention to come into greater alignment with our ideal or higher Self.

Trinfinity8 opens the door to more harmony and integration of form. Aligning the many levels of ourselves -- body, mind, and spirit -- infuses our walk in the earth with more integrity, vitality, and grace … the way it was meant to be.

Trinfinity8 users experience an elevation in mood, a buoyancy of inner spirit, a clarity and freshness of being. It is possible to move more easily through heavy emotional traumas and past events.

The coding in the Trinfinity8 System seems to contain a hefty dose of forgiveness, which is absolutely remarkable ... even more so than its impressive rejuvenation gifts. Trinfinity8 has been given to the world at this time to help as many of us as possible rise to a higher, more ideal life expression.


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