Trinfinity8 and DNA Rejuvenation

Most of us have heard about DNA in relation to inherited physical characteristics, disease research, and perhaps as a crime solving tool, but other non-medical sources reveal some stunning characteristics of this genetic 'determinant' and what may be involved in its rejuvenation to a healthier state.

Primarily, the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist, has presented us with the picture of DNA as heavily influenced by our mental and emotional states. For example, under stress or in anger, microphotographs show the double helix compressing and having spike-like protrusions, not very healthy looking; whereas with love or compassion or gratitude, the helix seems to swell and plump up to a fuller and more robust profile.

Dr. Lipton's research -- dating back to the 1990s -- validates the mind-body connection which holistic health has proclaimed for decades. Our attitudes and emotions over time do indeed create health or illness within us, as mystic Edgar Cayce said almost 100 years ago.

Another recent finding includes environment as a contributor to DNA health and function: Source:, Thursday, July 30, 2009

"We're all being told that our genes are responsible for our health, and they produce a blueprint that determines everything for life. But new research has found they are not set in stone – and that our genes can be altered by our environment, and almost instantly.

"A new report from the University of California, Berkeley shows that epigenetics, where temporary changes in gene function happen because of the environment, may play a bigger part in disease than even the genetic blueprint.

"We already know that what a woman eats while pregnant affects the baby's health, and these small interferences with our genetic make-up happen all the time, and from many sources, say scientists."



Another school of thought, called Integral Human Design, comes from the UK in the work of Richard Rudd. This body of knowledge posits that DNA has three qualitative levels of expression -- more like psychological/spiritual archetypes than physical determinants. At its lowest vibration, a Gene Key will manifest in its Shadow expression. As the individual evolves, the gene will then express at a Gift level and be a positive influence. At its highest, most spiritualized level, the individual will be manifesting what Rudd calls the Siddhi or highest spiritualized potential of a particular gene.

For example, the 59th Gene Key at its lowest expression functions as Dishonesty. The Gift level is Intimacy and the Siddhi frequency expresses in Transparency. Rudd says that it is the 55th Gene Key (Victimization-Freedom-Freedom) which is undergoing the most dramatic transformation now and over the next few years. When accomplished, mankind will be freed from the victim consciousness and be enabled to move into greater expressions of harmony, cooperation, and creativity as freedom permeates individuals and societies.

So here is a view of genes and DNA as indicators of character and of evolution. Coupled with Dr. Lipton's work, this means that we are the ones responsible for our own progress and evolution, rather than being passive victims of our DNA. This is a positive shift in view from what medical research has presented so far, much more empowering and hopeful.

Testing was conducted on human DNA using Trinfinity8.  To read the amazing results go to TRINFNINITY8 DNA RESEARCH.  Click the back button when you want to return to this page.



There may be other sources out there that give us even more glimpses into how we might regard DNA. Physically, it is a salt and, as we know, salt is a superconductor of electrical frequencies (which explains why drinking enough water is critical to our health by providing the medium for DNA to receive and transmit information). The cells and DNA receive and respond to Trinfinity8's bio-energetic codes immediately.

Each program in this system streams mathematically precise binary codes of information at a rapid speed. No other system in the world has captured the pure essences of such highly evolved states of wellness and consciousness as the Trinfinity8. No other rejuvenation method can so naturally and consistently and powerfully accomplish:

  • the rejuvenation of the physical

  • the balancing and clearing of the emotional

  • the stabilizing and focusing of the mental

  • the acceleration of the spiritual



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