Professionals Using Trinfinity8

The Trinfinity8 System debuted in July 2009 and is being used by professionals around the world from all different practice areas.   Doctors, surgeons, acupuncturists, chiropractors, psychotherapists, Reiki practitioners, massage therapists, aetheticians, naturopaths, homeopaths, energy practitioners, and even a holistic psychiatrist use Trinfinity8.  Many have incorporated it into their practice either as a stand alone tool or as an adjucntive therapy.  Those using it in conjunction with an existing modality report it amplifies the effects of what they currently offer--especially with difficult and/or resistent clients.  For example, acupuncturists say when Trinfinity8 is used while a person has acupuncture needles inserted, that pain seems to go away even faster.

Read what a few professional are saying:


“I have been in practice as a Chiropractor, Nutritionist, and Researcher for 25 years.  Since buying and using the Trifininty8, I finally have the device I knew intuitively would eventually become reality.  I cannot begin to express in words what a profound change the Trinfinity8 has made in my life.  Everything, and I mean, everything has shifted dramatically in just the first 2 weeks.  I feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually than I have in years.  My sleep has normalized, my body structures are changing right before my eyes, my confidence and skills have been transformed.  I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, I am a changed person.  I simply want to thank you not only for the Trinfinity8 device, but for having the vision and guts to develop it and make it available.”  - Dr. Bruce M. – Irving,Texas


“I have used Trinfinity8 to help heal burn wounds quickly on young children and aid in bone repair, digestion problems, and a host of other ailments on my farm animals with truly unbelievable results.  Trinfinity8 goes beyond the placebo affect because animals certainly don’t understand the technology and don’t have any vested interest in whether it works or not.  Even my veterinarian is amazed.”  - Dolores Swital, Wisconsin

One 60 year old woman who participated in a Trinfinity8 “Youthful” program group reported:  “I went to the doctor today for a wellness visit and had a pulse of 65 and a blood pressure reading of 112/78.  Both of those readings are just great.  Especially the pulse because my pulse used to run in the high 70’s to low 80’s on doctor’s visits.  These are definitely youthful numbers!  I don’t think I have ever recorded a pulse in the 60’s before.” – San Antonio, Texas

Comments from Texas “Forever Young” Trifninity8 group participants after two months using T8:

“I no longer have joint pain.”

“When I wake up my neck, shoulder and knees no longer hurt.  (It was a guaranteed morning pain for months!)”

“I can walk in the morning without limping.”

“My muffin top is almost gone.”

“I have effortlessly lost 7 pounds.”

“My attitude towards life is soaring.”

“I have learned to embrace technology and even gotten a smart phone!!”

“I have experienced uninterrupted deep sleep.”

‘The yellow nasal discharge I’ve had for two years is GONE!!!”

“I am breathing more deeply and easily.”

“I’ve easily pinched off two skin tags.”


 “I have a history of being quite nearsighted.  In addition since I can remember I have seen four superimposed images, two per eye.   I remember when I was 10 and got my first glasses being surprised that there really was only one moon, not four!  So the first time I ran Golden Light I felt my vision shifting, connecting, becoming one deep in the back of my brain.  Ever since then (6 months now) most of the time I see only a single image!   If for some reason it starts to separate again, I run a minute of Golden Light again it is fixed.  This summer when I got my eyes checked at the Optometrist he was surprised and pleased to see how easy it was for me to read his chart and I ended up with glasses 0.75 diopter weaker than before!  This is a significant shift.  Along with this, he said how amazingly clear my corneas were—that at age 62 there is usually some fuzziness, but mine are surprisingly and entirely clear.”   - Elise Osner, Homeopath, Modesto, California

“I did 10 minutes of Trinfinity8’s energy program on a heavily sedated patient with epilepsy who was very non-communicative.  When she finished she made eye contact, was communicative, interested in the people around her and everyone noticed the difference—including her mother who brought her in.” - Karl Maret, MD – Aptos, CA

“My friend fell on her tailbone and broke L4 in her spine.  She had two Trinfinty8 sessions that included the program for Strong Bones.  When she had a follow-up check-up and x-ray of her back, her physician was astonished to find new bone growth.  He told her he had never seen bone begin to grow so quickly in all his years of practice!”  - Cindy Reed, RN, Iowa


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