Some of the things Trinfinity8 may do for you:

The Trinfinity8 System

The Trinfinity8 Rejuvenation & Restoration technology is designed to address a wide range of functions, from the physical to the psychological (mental/emotional) to the spiritual.

Results will vary from individual to individual. T8 may help with:

  • balancing body systems
  • improving nutritional components
  • detoxifying the system
  • lightening the emotional load
  • improving skin quality
  • repairing injuries
  • relieving pain
  • thickening/restoring hair growth
  • lessening/eliminating facial wrinkles
  • improving sexual function
  • restoring hair color
  • lifting and toning sagging skin
  • losing or gaining weight safely
  • sleeping more deeply and fully
  • having better and clearer energy
  • lessening or eliminating stress

It may bring your system transition into a more optimal function. You may:

  • feel healthier and happier
  • think more clearly and feel more yourself
  • feel stronger, more alive, more empowered to be yourself
  • look and feel younger, brighter
  • feel more centered, balanced & connected

At the end of June 2009, the Trinfinity8 developer, Dr. Kathy J. Forti, related some of the results people experienced in demonstrations of the system . In her own words:


"I just got back from a week at the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) in Boulder where people were lining up at my booth. I had people coming back again and again, or coming after a friend told them they must experience this new technology. These were all diehard energy practioners, psychics, intuitives, researchers, MDs, PhDs body workers, etc., and the response was phenomenal.

"People were channeling through the guidance that helped me develop it; others were channeling [people who have passed on]; most were having incredible shifts of energy; one woman's skin tags disappeared after a few hours; another woman's red face blotches cleared up; one psychologist with seizures said she felt stabilized for the first time in years; another cried when she got off the device because she felt a connection with the Divine; while others were just feeling meditative and at peace.

"I was in awe of what people were experiencing and didn't even try to sell it. It sold itself because it was in the right venue. I had three people buy it on the spot and others who wanted to place orders. I told each of them I had no idea what they would experience. It is different for everyone. All felt it was less about beauty and anti-aging and more about spiritual attunement and ascension. This is where this device is really headed. "...I think some changes will be gradual, while others might be profound depending on the person. I think when the person tunes more into their higher self and higher attunement, the other stuff may me more effective. If they're coming at it purely from a vanity angle, the flow is not nearly as strong and probably not going to be as noticeably effective.

"So tell the person to be neutral and expect nothing. Just stay in the zone where you are welcoming an inner dialogue with your higher self. I think this is the real key. I have never been thanked so much as this weekend. Mainly because I told people just to sit with it and see what happens--no expectations. "I've been invited to take it to Europe by medical representatives I met there as well. So I guess T8 has made it's debut and it will continue to evolve. I already see more spiritual related buttons on the menu I need to incorporate."

Overall, this amazing system is literally a gift of grace. People are moving so beautifully through some pretty difficult grief and other very heavy issues; this technology somehow carries the energies of forgiveness.

Dr. Forti talks about the amped-up speed of life these days, which causes so much stress for everyone. Trinfinity8, she says, helps raise our vibrations to match this speed, making our journey more peaceful and in harmony with the evolution of our consciousness and the consciousness of the planet. It's such a blessing!


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