The Global Impact of the Trinfinity8 Rejuvenation & Restoration System

While the T8's rejuvenation program is re-tuning the individual vibrations of the user closer to their ideal power and form, it is also healing on another energetic level. 

The algorithmic frequency and sound codes emanating from the unit set up carrier-waves that affect not only the well-being of the user, but also of everyone in the room, even in the neighborhood. The crystalline nature of the user acts as a transmitter to all those around them, affecting the matrix of the planet as well as of the individual.

The Trinfinity8 System, while designed for individual wellness enhancement and attunement, is also meant to be a planetary healing tool and does this by interfacing with the frequency matrix of the planet. Remember, frequencies and fractal formulas are in harmony with the core energetics in all of nature. Like striking a string on a musical instrument, the other strings also vibrate in harmony.

Trinfinity8's energetic matrix interface is technologically sophisticated and at the same time holistic in nature and, from our planet's point of view, much needed for its own healing and repair -- not to mention that of the mass consciousness.

Our vision is a world enlightened, abundant, and at peace, all the kingdoms cooperative and living in harmony. Trinfinity8's advanced technology synchronizes with the heart-felt intentions of people worldwide holding the same vision of a New Earth. Together we will individually and collectively flourish.

While future research may be done to measure the global effects of the Trinfinity8 System -- such as on improved neighborhood safety and absence of crime, earth's repair of her damaged ecologies, harmonious human relations both personally and politically, for example -- the timing of this system's entry into the world is critical. The more units in use, the better the Whole will grow.

Some will see T8 as a personal as well as planetary God-send. This was the intention behind the evolution of this technology.

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