Trinfinity8 Offers Pre-Programmed and User-Designed Protocol Options

Trinfinity8's Advanced Protocols

Trinfinity8's pre-programmed Advanced Protocol sequences for anti-aging, beauty enhancement, spiritual development, and overall rejuvenation make using your T8 System a breeze! For example, the Spiritual Oneness protocol is an excellent tool for deeper meditation.

Plus, this page has another great feature -- you can design your own (or your clients') protocols and save them all on the Advanced Protocol screen. It's a fabulous time-saver.  The Trinfinity8 Advanced Protocol page offers many user-friendly features:  privacy client hide ability, copying, editing, auto repeat functions, printing options, auto timer-settings, sorting, exporting, and so much more.

Note:  Start slow and build up to more time.  Some people are more sensitive to subtle energy.  It is normal to experience discomfort before a breakthrough.  After one or two or three sessions with these pre-programmed Protocols, simply click Edit for the one you are working on as a New Protocol and bump up the one-minute programs to three minutes, and three minutes to six minutes, add new programs that you feel would be helpful -- whatever feels right for you -- for the remainder of your sessions.

The success of bioenergetic technologies are variable. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to bioenergetics.

Please review the vital information on the Crystal Rods page, reminding you of how interactive this system is with your intention. It is truly a co-creative experience and your thoughts and emotions are key to achieving and maintaining positive outcomes.  Keep in mind that times of stress or injury may increase the need for more frequent sessions. Be willing to support yourself with an extra session or two, as needed.

Be sure to schedule "down time" at the end of your session for assimilation -- time your body/mind needs to absorb and effectively internalize the new energies.    Treat it as if you just had a massage, and rest after.  Be sure to drink enough water to hydrate the cells to help them receive the info fully.



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