Navigating the Program Screens on Your T8 System

Some Basic Information About the Screens

The user-friendly navigation screens on the Trinfinity8 System are fairly self-explanatory. (On the Main Menu, there is a button for the Help Manual, but there is also a "Help" button at the bottom of each screen, if you need it.)

The page Using Your Trinfinity8 reviews how T8 works in a one-time rejuvenation application and also in planning a multi-tiered rejuvenation program for yourself.

When you're ready to start working with the Screens, here's an outline of what you'll be seeing:

1. Upon logging in, you will hear healing music come on throughout your Trinfinity8 session.

2. Then you click on the individual screen (see below) you want to work with.

3. You select the program on that screen and the timer box then pops up.

4. You pick how long you want the program to run -- from one minute to sixty minutes -- by clicking "1", "3", "6", up to "60" minutes. The Trinfinity8 is in multiples of 3 minutes.  You can also select from a MILD, NORMAL or INTENSE delivery mode.

Once you click the minutes you want, the program begins to run so you will want the rods handy and easy to pick up. 

Below are the selections from the Main Menu.  Each category, when clicked on, shows multiple programswithin it to choose from.  Trinfinity8 has a total of 72 different programs.


  • Password
  • Skin & Hair Rejuvenation
  • Face & Beauty
  • Weight Management
  • Body Sculpting
  • Help Manual
  • License

Read over the selections on each program screen to familiarize yourself with the incredible range and variety of physical-mental-emotional-spiritual options your T8 System offers to enrich and sustain on all leveld your vibrant well-being.

Whether you are designing an 8 - 10 session protocol package or using the Trinfinity8 System on a regular basis, your T8 is an invaluable life-enhancing asset now and for many years to come.



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