What to Do to Preserve Your Vibrant Health and Beauty


For some, continued sessions may mean running a T8 session once or twice a month. For others, it may mean once every month or two or three.

What can you do to maintain your fabulous results?  Here are some simple and common-sense health and beauty maintenance tips that will keep you at the peak of your form:

  • Hydration. We've heard this before and now really need to embrace it, if we expect our 70%-water cells to stay plumped up with radiant health. 8 - 10 cups of good water on days you do your sessions.
  • Nutrition. More life-giving foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) and less processed (anything in a box, can, or bag). More organic and less fried, salted, sweetened (especially the artificial stuff).
  • Movement. We prefer this word to "exercise" because it more closely captures the essence of being alive ... from blood and oxygen, to cell activity, to atoms with their whirling electrons -- everything in us is in motion.
  • Relaxation. This is in balance to Movement, and includes having enough sleep, meditating/praying regularly, and taking time to reflect and appreciate your life. These are all de-stressors and by now we all know how toxic stress is to health and beauty.
  • Attitudes and Emotions. The more fully you embrace and relish the youthful and beautiful you that you have created, the more you will embody it. As you become more sensitive to life-enhancing feelings and energy, you will attract more people, things, and experiences that are supportive.

    Nurture and love yourself. It is the best health and beauty maintenance regimen for your body, your mind, and your spirit.

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